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2 people with a flair for film.

We founded Bent Film Co on a mountain climb...No word of a lie...
Having filmed all of our friends’ weddings, special events and everything in between, we figured we were probably onto something! 
after finding such joy and fulfillment in providing these special memories to our nearest and dearest, we decided to put our skills to use for the wider Sunshine Coast and SE QLD.
While we are a company for absolutely everyone, we are Especially passionate about providing a safe and personalised experience for our local LGBTQ+ family.
we want you to know that your special footage is in the trusted hands of fellow members of the queer community.


As a long time Film and TV addict, Kara can generally be found in front of a screen, enjoying someone else’s creative genius.
She loves that film, paired with just the right music, can transport an audience to a totally different place and time, and can illicit so many different emotions in an otherwise mundane moment. After being gifted a GoPro a couple of years ago, Kara started filming everything (seriously… ask her friends).
Emu Mountain-5505.jpg


A creative through and through, who started out in architecture and graphic design, Abbey has always had a passion for photography and videography.
After continuous suggestion from all of her friends, Abbey finally decided to venture into small business to put her array of talents to use in the wider community.
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